Steve Weber & Jane Gilday: The Danville Girl

Steve Weber & Jane Gilday: Dance In Slow Motion

Gates of the Mountains

A Place in the Heart

What a friend we have in Jesus

Trusting Jesus (performance)

Whiskey Before Breakfast

Twinkle Little Star

Marmaduke’s Hornpipe

Lost Indian

Cherokee Shuffle

Turkey in the Straw

The Coo Coo’s Nest

Forked Deer

Can U Hear Me Now

Amber Leigh in Toronto Magna Hoedown

Big Hoedown – Shelvin’ Rock

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Hangman’s Reel– a hot hoedown

9 Year Old Fiddler – Mikayla Roach – Orange Blossom Special

Dixie Hoedown- Jacob Harbour

Wayne’s Hoedown

Saline Fiddlers Hoedown

Allan & Birch – Saturday Night Hoedown.m4v

Hoedown Throwndown song and dance by the MECCA Texas fiddle and accordion band

Dixie Hoedown

Blues fiddle music from Tennessee by Fiddling Thomsons, Hoedown Festival

Woody Paul Chrisman – Showdown at the Hoedown

dixie hoedown

Pat Cannon Foot and Fiddle Dance Company: Hoedown

Rumashinsky’s Yiddishe Hoedown

Davy Crockett’s Honeymoon / Dixie Hoedown – Contradance Set

Dixie Hoedown

Frank Fairfield and Moonshine – Dueling Fiddle and Feet! Hoedown @ Grocery on Home

Fiddle Boys Millionaire’s Hoedown 2009

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