Fiddle Lesson — Jerusalem’s Ridge: Play like Kenny Baker!

Get tons of lessons, videos, and sheet music for only $10/month. Get great lessons for the guitar, fiddle, and mandolin on bluegrass, jazz, appalachian old-time, swing, and texas style. It’s the best place for online instruction. Register today 🙂 This week’s lesson is thanks to a Gold Member request. Jerusalem’s Ridge is one of the most popular bluegrass tunes ever written! This tune was written by Bill Monroe and his longtime fiddle player Kenny Baker (although many people think that Kenny wrote it alone and Bill snagged credit for it). Kenny is one of the greatest fiddle players ever, and he really helped to define the fiddle bluegrass genre. Jerusalem’s Ridge is a fast, modal tune in A minor with 4 parts and some unique timing. It’s also got some passages in 2nd position, so be prepared to improve your left hand technique! Check it out in the Fiddle Lessons section of the Gold Member Library at!

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