Beginner Violin Book For Kids & Adults

To learn how to play the fiddle, you will need to follow these general steps:

Choose a good quality fiddle and bow. It is important to have the right tools to learn with.

Find a good teacher or instructional materials. A good teacher can provide personalized instruction and feedback, while instructional materials can provide a structured approach to learning.

Practice regularly. Playing the fiddle requires physical coordination and muscle memory, so regular practice is crucial to developing these skills.

Start by learning basic techniques such as how to hold the fiddle and bow, how to make a good tone, and how to play simple melodies.

As you progress, learn more advanced techniques such as vibrato and bowing patterns.

Keep practicing and challenging yourself to improve. As with any musical instrument, the key to becoming a skilled fiddle player is to practice regularly and never stop learning.

It may also be helpful to listen to recordings of other fiddle players and attend live performances to gain inspiration and learn from others.

Swallowtail Jig – Irish Fiddle Tune!


Here is Swallowtail Jig! This was one of the first tunes I ever learned, and it means a lot to me! I’ve tried to make this video three times now, and each time I didn’t like how it turned out. I think this version worked out the best out of all of my attempts, so I hope you like it!

Whenever I end up at a new Celtic jam session, and people want me to start playing something, I usually pick this tune! It seems like it’s one that everyone knows, at least around where I live!

I’ve been so rushed with work and everything has been so crazy this past week. I hope things settle down a bit so I can relax~!

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9+ Southern Raised Bluegrass Performs “Orange Blossom Special”


All Aboard for a toe tapping Bluegrass classic called the Orange Blossom Special! keep a lookout for a flare of classical!

Southern Raised, a group of award winning kinfolk, trained in classical music but raised in the bluegrass
soaked Ozark Mountains. They have created a Southern Raised trademark sound where classical meets
bluegrass and city streets meets country roads. SR has morphed a progressive sound that spans
Christian Country/ Bluegrass, Celtic and Classical. They’re talented, they’re energetic, they’re Southern