Laughing Boy – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 338

Julianne Johnson – Traditional Old Time Fiddle Tune on Mandolin

Soldiers Joy – Ralph Roberts, West Virginia old time fiddle music

Shippensport – Old Time Fiddle Tune

Old Time Fiddle Medley – Calvin Vollrath

Forked Deer Fiddle Tune

“Sambo” old-time fiddle tune

“Christmas Eve”- Old-Time Fiddle Tune by Jerry Correll @ Laurel Bloomery 8/22/09

Mabel’s Fancy – Old Time Fiddle Tune

Old Time Fiddle Lesson–Cookhouse Joe

Devil’s Dream

Learn Angelina Baker on the Fiddle by Fiddlerman

Old-Time Fiddle Lesson-Sugar Foot Rag (Slow bowing)

Step to the Music Johnny old-time fiddle tune

The Big Hoedown

Old Time Fiddle – St. Anne’s Reel – Truman Price

Old Time Fiddle Waltz

Cluck Old Hen

Old-Time Fiddle Lesson: Over the Waterfall

Shove The Pig’s Foot A Little Further Into The Fire (Old Time Fiddle Tune)

Big John McNeill

Old Time Fiddle with Vince Crofts! “Paddy on the Hand Cart”

Greasy Coat Fiddle Tune

Grey Eagle ~ Old Time Fiddle Tune

Angeline The Baker ~ Old Time Fiddle Tune (in G)

Blackberry Blossom Old Time Fiddle Tune

Old Time Fiddle Lesson –Big Hoedown (Slow)

Cotton Eyed Joe old time fiddle tune

Tuneswappers – Big Hoedown – Old Time Fiddle Tune played by Andy Reiner

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