Meg Gray — Kentucky Fiddle Tune

Nyckelharpa at Mt. Airy Fiddler’s Convention 2013

Smith’s Reel – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 74

Stumbling – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 215

Alasdair White Scottish West Highland Fiddle

Kesh Jig – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 73

Hangman’s Reel – Le Reel Du Pendu – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 342

Jim Van Cleve fiddle DVD

Bluegrass Fiddler & Opry Legend Benny Williams – 1985

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Fiddler’s Hoedown on violin

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Toe-Tappin’ Clawhammer: Bunch of Keys/Katy Hill

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Henry the Fiddler Plays Little Beggarman, aka Red Haired Boy

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Durang’s Hornpipe – Fiddle Tune a Day – Day 161

VANCOUVER 2010 OPENING CEREMONY // Rhythms of the Fall

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Don Guillemette’s Hoedown

Fiddler’s Hoedown

Orange Blossom Special Fiddle Tune Jacie Sites

“Bonaparte’s Retreat” ~ William H. Stepp, 1937

Fiddler’s Hoedown

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