Fiddle Music – Randall Franks – Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree – Faded Love.wmv

Angeline the Baker – Fiddle Music – Bluegrass

Crossword Reel – Shetland Fiddle music

Great Scottish Dancing Jig – Fiddle Music

Bobby Taylor’s Fiddle Music – Sally Johnson

Celtic harp and fiddle music in the Atrium by Janet Naylor and Linda Danielson

Lee Highway Blues – Fiddle Music Scotty Stoneman

Hardanger Fiddle Music

Swiss Fiddle Music.

“Jerrys Beaver Hat” Fiddle Music

Shetland Fiddle Music

Shetland Fiddle Music

Learning a Willie Hunter Fiddle Compostion – Shetland Fiddle Music

Traditional Appalachian Fiddle Playing

Tara Nevins Fiddle Music

Afghanis Dancing to Fiddle Music

Cheyenne – Fiddle Music – Bobby Hicks

RED WING – [HD] Bluegrass Fiddle Lessons with Ian Walsh – Bluegrass Fiddle Lesson

Around the fire with some East Coast Fiddle Music.

Dusty Miller fiddle Music played by Alison Krauss

Shetland Fiddle Music – Scallowa Lasses

A Great Lively Jig – Wee Todd – Fiddle Music

Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Band Performing a Fiddle Tune at Weeks Music Auditorium in Buffalo Missouri

Skipper and Company – Emile Benoit

Fiddle Tune – Cuckoos nest – Fiddle music

Fiddle music – McInnis’ Kitchen – Tucson – April 23, 2009

Dermot McLaughlin, Donegal fiddle reels

Fiddle music

The Fiddle Music of Joe Yates: The Breakfast Schottische

Fiddle Music with Clogging – Down Yonder – Randall Franks & Dixie Express Cloggers.wmv

Tom Anderson tune called Hurlocks Reel – Shetland Fiddle Music

Fiddle Music with Clogging – Katy Hill – Randall Franks & Dixie Express Cloggers.wmv

On The Fiddle: Music for a Found Harmonium: Colm Murphy, Donal O’Riain, Matt and Clare Tarling

African Roots of the Blues Part 5 – Talensi Fiddle Music From Ghana, West Africa

Traditional Shetland Fiddle Music

Ozark fiddle music

Uncle Pen – Fiddle Music – Richard Greene

Old Joe Clark Beginner Fiddle Lesson

Wild Rose Of the Mountain – Fiddle Music

Roxburgh Castle – Shetland Fiddle Music

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