Cluck Old Hen Old Time American Fiddle Tune – Corwin Zekley

Cluck Old Hen Old Time American Fiddle with Tune Corwin Zekley performed in concert by the Zekley Family Band. December 15, 2007 Corwin age 11. Fiddle, Hammered Dulcimer and Banjo.


  1. I don’t mean to sound negative but this is the absolutely worst version of
    Cluck old Hen That I’ve ever heard. No clucking on the fiddle which is a
    big part of this song! Any body can play the notes but put some soul in the
    song! Why is the banjo leading when this is a old time fiddle tune? Banjo,
    should be back up on this tune. Your version sounds as if it’s Oriental.
    Might be a great version to play in China ! Let’s try to respect the
    Appalachia roots of this song.

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