American Fiddle

Shirley brought in this nice American fiddle that her father made. It’s really an interesting piece, and has a great fiddle sound! Listen to Chris from The Bluegrass Shack play Ragtime Annie on it.


  1. @akropiss Yes! There are MANY different types of fiddling — even around
    the states here. I don’t even think there are names for them all!

  2. There are no silly questions! Yes, there are chords on fiddle, but they are
    used mostly for backup and they only consist of two notes. If I get a
    chance, I’ll post something about chords. Keep watching.

  3. A fiddle and a violin are the same instrument. Classical players usually
    refer to it as a violin, and bluegrass, folk & country usually refer to it
    as a fiddle. There IS a difference in setup and strings of the instrument,
    though. Classical players usually prefer a more curved bridge and perlon or
    perlon-type strings. “Fiddle” players many times prefer steel strings. This
    is, of course, personal preference.

  4. Im new on the fiddle and it seem like it is all fingering, are there any
    chords, silly question I know but if there are could you post them.

  5. You play your examples with clean precision. I’m able to learn a lot from
    your videos.

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